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We're here to make sure that your business is all that it can be.

With our service of 'performance improvement' on board.

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A brand new partnership makes it easy to establish a commercial relationship based on time billing to deliver to your business, the right kind of consultancy service.
If you are wondering how we can be so confident that this can make a TRANSFORMATIONAL difference to performance across ALL of your business processes ...
then you should try


* Project Health Control.
"... and the PHC Consortium."
"It's like eyes and ears, everywhere on your project."

It’s a performance enhancement service that lets you see clearly
the Deliverables
and the Concerns
in your business.
The Seven PHC Lists - here
PHC Explained Some More - here
... and transcribed - here

MOU explains all

here and our proposal here

but essentially, for all profitable activity in PHC there's a Money Flow that everyone in the Consortium should know about

Money flows from The Client, to the Local Rep via Invoices Third parties are paid according to MOU

Consulting Service by time billing

Access to Systems by bulk license

want to know more?

use the source, Luke!

Order Efficiency Ltd here

one more thing...

you can control the ceiling by authorising forecast* Invoices in advance.

* continual benefit, is your reason to keep us ;)

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